Gooey Pizza's Inflatable Mascot Monkey Makes Pizza Memorable

Inflatable Monkey Mascot for Gooey PizzaInflatable Monkey Mascot Connects with Gooey Pizza's Target Market

Smart business owners and managers understand the cardinal rule of marketing: know thy target audience. Jesse Thomas of Gooey's Pizza is just such a person.

"Our market is mostly younger children, so a 12-foot-tall inflatable monkey really seemed to work. We were going for the 'wow' factor."  And they got it!

The giant balloon inflatable was initially used at Gooey's first birthday party during a free community event that was a kid's dream come true. Face painting, jumparoos, games and, of course, pizza flooded the occasion. "Gooey" was in attendance as the guest of honor. This celebration brought in over 600 people to the restaurant.

Gooey has since also appeared in the local Christmas parade with exceptional results. Jesse recalls, "It definitely got the attention we wanted. Thirty minutes after the parade was over, we had 80 people in our dining room with people waiting outside to get in." A good day's work for an inflatable mascot.

Inflatables are all about attention and being memorable. That one-two combination of powerful marketing elements is what makes them work so well in virtually every instance. And because they are completely customized, they can connect on an emotional level with your specific target audience.

Jesse appreciated Landmark's newly designed website that features lots of photos and case studies (like this one). He requested a brochure and spoke with us several times on the phone before ordering. "The price was very good for what I was getting, and the customer service was awesome," he remembers.

"The Gooey inflatable mascot is just another way to get inside people's minds and make them remember us. How can anyone NOT remember seeing a 12-foot-tall monkey with a chef's hat and apron?!" [ Oh so true! ]

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