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Custom Inflatable Oval Shaped Logo Catches Attention for Hooters Restaurants

Inflatable Hooters Logo at Pro Cup Racing SeriesInflatable Logo for Hooters' Pro Cup Racing Series

Hooters restaurants sent their oval inflatable and Naturally Fresh inflatable up and down the east coast to follow the Hooters’ Pro Cup Racing Series. How did they position? Around the outside of the racetrack.

That put them in the perfect spot to be caught on camera by Speedvision throughout the event. Because inflatables are commonly used at races, Hooters knew their oval and salad dressing jar would be a success.

And did it work? Yes! At each event two important things happened. The race was covered by Speedvision (and the inflatables appeared on TV), and the fans got hungry and went to Hooters (where they no doubt had salads with Naturally Fresh dressing on them)! Due to the continued success of inflatables used at racing events, Hooters is adding more balloons to its storehouse.

Fast move Hooters!