Custom Inflatable Shoe Puts Company's Best Foot Forward

Brooks Shoe InflatableCustom inflatable running shoe has customers racing to buy

Each year, the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon Series comes to cities all over the world. And Brooks Shoes is in the thick of it all. 

Since 2010, Brooks has worked closely with this music-themed marathon series. As part of the partnership, the world-famous shoe company creates special-edition running shoes with a rock 'n' roll design

For the 2020 marathon series, Brooks introduced its Launch 7 Rock 'n' Roll Tie-Dye Running Shoes – lightweight, colorful shoes built tough for long-distance treks.

To promote the new shoes, the folks at Brooks Shoes reached out to Landmark Creations.

Could Landmark create an inflatable replica exactly resembling the Launch 7 tie-dyed shoes?

The answer was definitely "yes." Working with Brooks Shoes' Melanie Williamson, Landmark designed and constructed an inflatable running shoe – 6 feet high and 6 feet wide – authentic in every detail, right down to the laces and logo.

"We had hoped to accomplish a replica that showcased all the details and colors in the same way our shoes are displayed at expos and in-store," says Williamson. 

The finished product did all that and more.

At trade shows and event marketing tours, the custom inflatable shoe made a dramatic impact. People gathered to have their pictures taken and share about their running experiences. 

Best of all, the giant tie-dye shoe helped drive traffic to Brooks' footwear wall.

Williamson loves the results: "[Landmark] is a great company that puts attention and detail into inflatable work, and we are thrilled with the outcome."

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