Hearth N Home Custom Inflatable Product Replica Stops Traffic

Hearth N Home's Inflatable Fireplace ReplicaHearth N Home Increased Traffic with a Lifelike Inflatable Product Replica

In New England, a chill settles into the air early in the fall and turns into a frigid wind that lasts well into spring and drives energy bills through the roof. It happens every year just like clockwork, so local folks know to be prepared for it.

They are on the lookout for economical ways to heat their homes. That is a large part of the attraction to Hearth N Home's very lifelike, wood stove inflatable product replica. As drivers notice it sitting in front of the store, they immediately ponder what wood stoves might do to lower their energy costs.

It's all about foot traffic when you have a brick-and-mortar store. If customers don't come in, stoves and fireplaces don't go out. Hearth N Home Owner, Don Ferry, agrees."Our expectations [when buying our custom inflatable product replica] were to stop traffic and get customers into the store. "All expectations have been met so far. The inflatable paid for itself in one weekend. We saw increased foot traffic and cars stopping to take a look."  Now that's some ROI if ever there was any!

Ferry continues, "As far as I know, we are the only hearth shop in New England that has an inflatable wood stove.  Whenever people call the store for directions, they say, 'Oh yeah, you're the ones with the big stove out front!'  We chose Landmark Creations because of their superior customer service, top quality products and support. And with their help we created a little 'landmark' of our own.  Thanks for a great job and beautiful product!"

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