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Promotional Inflatable Replica Helps Boost Ammunition Sales

Prairie Storm BoxCustom Inflatable Replica Helps Trigger Shotshell Sales

How do you build brand awareness in a crowded, competitive market?

That was the challenge facing the folks at Federal Premium Ammunition. They had a premium product – Prairie Storm pheasant shotshell – but they needed to get the word out.

To meet this challenge, Trade Marketing Manager Rob Bennett turned to Landmark Creations. "I was recommended to use Landmark through a sales rep," he relates, "because of the giant pheasant Landmark had already created."

Working closely with Bennett, Landmark built a huge promotional inflatable – an exact replica of the Prairie Storm product box, complete with a gorgeous full-color photo of a pheasant in flight.

Designed to stand out, the inflatable replica measures 25 feet high, 25 feet wide, and 14 feet long. Fully inflated, it weighs a whopping 592 pounds.

According to Bennett, the massive box was first displayed at the Pheasant Opener in Mitchell, South Dakota.

 Since then, it has appeared at grand openings, dealer shows, and consumer events for pheasant and upland bird hunters.

So far, Bennett reports, the promotional inflatable has garnered plenty of positive press coverage. Better yet, it has helped boost Prairie Storm shotshell sales. In fact, the huge replica has proved so popular that company sales reps throughout the Midwest are clamoring to use it. "Over the next year," says Bennett, "it will be at multiple store openings, along with promotions, to continue to drive sales for the product."