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Inflatable Characters Help Local Business Build More Buzz On Social Media

Brooklyn Bowl Inflatable PinsInflatable Mascots Help Local Business Go Viral

With a venue that offers a variety of entertainment options in a hugely competitive market, Brooklyn Bowl of Las Vegas needed something to help them stand out from the crowd. A pair of colorful inflatable bowling pin characters did the trick and have been a big hit with fans.

Chris White, Senior Vice President of Brooklyn Bowl Las Vegas, says, "We wanted to use the inflatables as a way to garner greater attention and interest at our front door and as décor for group events held inside."

The final result? Two nine-foot-tall bowling pin punks with the Brooklyn Bowl logo, which surely make an impression. In fact, they're so popular that they're often the subject of Instagram and Twitter photos. Not only do fans and customers love the mascots, but the buzz they get is responsible for increasing the venue's social media reach as well. We call that a winning combo!

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