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Inflatable Stage Prop Helps Raise Awareness for Disadvantaged Kids

STATE Backpack Inflatable on StageAgency Helps Client Promote Their Cause with an Inflatable Stage Prop

It's a wonderful cause. For every backpack STATE (creator of super-hip backpacks) sells, STATE hand delivers a backpack to an American student in need through its GiveBackPack program.

The delivery of STATE's backpacks (called "bag drops") takes place during motivational assemblies designed to renew kids' spirits and their belief in themselves. Using trained child-development specialists, the rallies are unique and energetic.

 That in and of itself would be phenomenal. However, STATE's branding agency, Arch and Loop, had an even better idea: to create a giant backpack replica to draw attention and add another layer of fun to their events.

Landmark Creations was commissioned as the inflatable manufacturer for a giant replica bag that would draw attention and set the stage for each performance.

An inflatable - in the shape of a STATE backpack - brought added attention to the assemblies. "We wanted to create a stage prop for the STATE team to use at bag drops and other events. The kids love it, and it is a great way to draw attention to the brand and their mission," explains Sean Conway, Arch and Loop Project Director.

Sean went on to say, "After speaking to a number of vendors, Landmark Creations had the professionalism, customer service, ingenuity, and creativity that we did not find elsewhere." (Now we couldn't leave that part of the quote out, could we?)