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Tacony's Giant Vacuum Replicas Show Off Made in the USA Status

Tacony Corporation's Inflatable Patriotic VacuumsTacony uses inflatables to clean up retail

As a manufacturer and wholesaler of quality vacuums, Tacony has a vested interest in its dealers' success. After all, if the dealers do well, chances are, Tacony does well. Enter Landmark Creations’ promotional inflatables. 

Tacony Assistant Marketing Manager, Veronica Pikul explains why they love the inflatable product replicas so much. "We purchased these for use at any of our customers’ vacuum retail stores all across the country, for whatever type of event they have, all year round. [The product replicas let us] easily spread the message that our vacuums are made in the U.S.A., and wherever you find these [promotional] inflatables you can find quality vacuums inside.

We’re constantly getting reports from our customers/dealers saying how they love to use our U.S.A. vacuum inflatables because they always draw attention and customers. We even had one customer make a viral video/store promo on YouTube using our inflatable [product replica]."

You might think something of this magnitude would take a lot of detailed forethought on the customer's end. Not so. "We had a simple idea and Landmark turned it into a beautiful reality that was more than we could hope for. Thank you to our friends at Landmark!"  It would be our pleasure to turn your simple ideas into extraordinary realities, too!