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Turning Their Mascot into an Inflatable Billboard Boosts Awareness for Mile High Flea Market

Inflatable Flea MascotTurning a Mascot into an Inflatable Billboard Increases Visibility

When the weather is nice and the sun is shining, visitors to the Mile High Flea Market in Denver, Colorado, are greeted by Freddy the Flea.

This inflatable mascot (turned billboard) stands 30-feet tall and definitely does his job at creating awareness and driving traffic to the 80-acre marketplace.

With a wide smile and checked shirt, Freddy points the way to an adventurous shopping experience filled with a four-season farmers’ market, shops, food, kids’ rides, events and more.

 With all the inflatables manufacturers out there, we were curious about why Ashley Baronfeld (the Sales, Marketing & Talent Booking Manager) chose Landmark Creations. Quite simply, she explained, “We did research and found that you are the most reliable and trusted inflatable company.”  We agree 100%!