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Inflatable Mascot Drums Up Lots of Social Media Exposure

Brock-Badger-Mascot-L3884Want to Engage Students? Give Them an Inflatable Mascot to Post on Social Media

If you’ve hung around any college students, you’ve certainly noticed one thing. These young adults spend a lot of time on social media. What are they talking about?

Everything from the state of politics in our country to how extremely cool the new inflatable mascot looked on their parade float.

 This is how Brock University garnered “remarkable social media coverage among the student population,” according to Curtis Gadula, Manager of Off-Campus Living & Neighborhood Relations.

The Ontario-based school turned its mascot (Boomer the Badger) into an inflatable that has been used on a community parade float, at open houses, preview days, athletics banquets, sports camps, convocations and just about everywhere else they could think to place it. The goal was to increase marketing exposure, energy, athletic and university pride, and excitement about the school.

Why did they choose Landmark Creations (in the U.S.) as opposed to a Canadian company? “Through research, Landmark had a solid reputation, and from the very start they were excellent to work with and responsive to our requests for change. Fantastic customer service and excellent delivery.”

Now that’s something to get excited about! Gooooo Badgers!