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“Chocolate” Inflatable Archway Gives Runners Something to Dream About

Inflatable Chocoholic Frolic ArchwayInflatable Arch Reinforces a Clever Brand Strategy

Why do people run? Common reasons for this type of exercise include health and fitness benefits, to boost energy levels, to relieve stress and – yes – so people can eat more of the foods they love without feeling guilty.

Final Stretch, an endurance sports company that puts on road races, triathlons and marathons throughout the Midwest, came up with a very clever twist on your typical race. Make chocolate the focus.

During the Chocoholic Frolic 5k/10k in St. Paul, Minnesota, runners were blessed with hot chocolate, chocolate fountains and chocolate candies, instead of sports drinks, fruit and energy bars. What else did they find? A chocolate-flanked, inflatable archway at the finish line.

According to Curt Van Asten, Course and Logistics Manager, “We wanted to bring fun and branding to the race. We tried to create what we felt a chocolate wonderland would be like if you were running through it and what better way to finish than through a giant inflatable arch held down by 8-foot chocolate bars!?”

When your goal is to get exposure and create buzz, this pretty much does the trick. “We saw tons of our participants return back to the finish line just to get their pictures taken with the arch in the background. It was great exposure for the race as well as an unexpected course detail for most of the runners.”