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Giant Inflatable Helmet Helps Booster Club Promote Team Spirit

Tuloso Midway Football Helmet TunnelInflatable Helmet Tunnel Makes A Great Start To Every Game

If the streets of Corpus Christi look a little deserted this Friday night, it's probably because everyone is cheering on their favorite team. This town takes their football seriously, and the Tuloso Midway Warriors are up to the challenge.

Not only do they play a top-notch game, but they love to put on a show, and that starts with an attention-grabbing run onto the field. They knew a giant inflatable helmet would help set the tone for a fantastic game, so they turned to Landmark Creations.

While personal attention and quick response times were important to the Tuloso Warriors Booster Club, they also wanted their helmet to embody the spirit of the team and get the crowds fired up. The final result speaks for itself, with its bold colors and the team logo prominently featured.

These days, the Warriors' inflatable helmet is the first thing you see when you enter their stadium, and you know exactly who's in charge. You can bet that when the players take the field, their opponents are just a bit more intimidated than they once were. After all, with their new inflatable helmet and the whole school cheering them on, how can they lose?

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