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Inflatable Mascot Brings Larger-Than-Life Presence to School Sporting Events

Monte MascotMega Monte School Mascot Stands Proud on the Niagara University Campus

All hail the purple… eagle? Yep! Niagara University wanted to transform their school mascot (Monte the purple eagle) into a giant, 20-foot-tall inflatable. We were happy to oblige.

While Monte is regularly seen cheering on the hockey and basketball team, and roaming about the grounds, the university wanted an inflatable mascot that could literally and figuratively create a larger presence of school spirit on campus.

 Bill Newton, Assistant Director of Campus Activities, explains, "We wanted to get the attention of our students, faculty, staff, and other members of the campus community, including our guests, prospective students and families, and all of our Purple Eagles fans."

"The Mega Monte [inflatable mascot] made his debut at our annual commencement ceremonies and was a big hit with our graduates and their families. He will make a splash at many university events, including new student orientation, Purple Eagle games, alumni weekend, and many admissions-related events."

Want to expand the visibility of your school mascot? Take him to the inflatability zone!