Rattlesnake Inflatable Sports Tunnels Get Fans Excited

Custom Inflatable Rattlesnake Tunnel for Sharyland High SchoolInflatable Rattlesnake Tunnel for Sharyland Blows Other Schools off the Field

Cheerleaders are great!  And bands are very entertaining, but if you really want to hear the fans scream, bring out an inflatable rattlesnake.  The students, fans and faculty have all been wildly excited about their new custom inflatable sports tunnel. 

Designed in the likeness of a rattlesnake (the school's mascot), this guy "blows all the other schools off the field!!!" brags Sharyland Project Organizer Chris Cardenas.  "I actually felt guilty when we blew up our snake the first time, and then the other team did theirs. It looked so...uninspiring. Thank goodness I picked y'all!"

In addition to boosting spirit and increasing attendance at games, Sharyland High School also wanted to receive more press coverage.  With a giant inflatable snake that blows smoke out of its mouth as players rush onto the field, it's almost a sure bet that the media will take notice.

Inflatable sports tunnels are also excellent for bringing in an extra stream of revenue.  Sponsor banners can be created to include an advertiser's logo and message, then hung on the sports tunnel.  Sponsors get the full attention of all those in attendance.  That's exposure they're willing to pay a pretty penny for!

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