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Stir Up School Spirit With an Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Chuckey Doak High School Inflatable TunnelAn Inflatable Sports Tunnel Built for Football Royalty

Ferocious mascots. Football helmets. School logos. We have used all these and more to design some pretty creative sports tunnels over the years. However, when we found out that Chuckey Doak High School's mascot was a knight, we had to come up with something truly fit for football royalty.

Where else do fighting knights belong, but in a castle? Usually, the fans go nuts when their home team takes the field. Add to this experience an inflatable sports tunnel cleverly developed to look like a medieval castle and the spirit meter will easily redline.

While the original reasons for ordering the tunnel included gaining more media attention and engaging the fans, Head Football Coach Ben Murphy told us, "The players love running out of this [tunnel]!"

Landmark Creations was chosen for this product because our rates were affordable (even on a high school's budget) and we provide a quality product that will last season after season. The flexibility of the design will also allow the school to use their tunnel for other sports or school activities.

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