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Inflatable Golf Bag Replica for Valero Texas Open

Inflatable Golf Bag at Valero Texas Golf OpenInflatable Advertising with Cold Air Balloons Makes a Big Visual Impact

Years ago, Valero Energy Corporation (owners of Beacon and Ultramar Diamond Shamrock gas stations) began participating as a charitable sponsor of PGA Tournaments.

To increase exposure of these worthwhile efforts Valero commissioned Landmark Creations to develop an inflatable advertising product replica for them in the shape of a golf bag. This cold air balloon stood 20-feet high and bore the Valero logo as well as the name of the tournament: The Valero Texas Open. It is during this tournament that the Benefit for Children Golf Classic is also held.

In order for the bag to stay current, Valero occasionally requests changes in the products.  Because the products included in the cold air balloon are sewn in (to ensure placement) the entire top of the bag must be removed. After the new products are inserted, and carefully positioned for maximum visibility, the top is replaced and the updated bag is ready to service.

This year inflatable advertising and other efforts helped Valero bring in a whopping $7 million for children's charities.  Now in their fifth year as a PGA Tournament sponsor, Valero continues to increase its giving that aid in sheltering abused or abandoned children, offering education opportunities to at-risk youth, and more.

Landmark is proud to be a part of such an admirable venture!