The Wildcats Come Out to Prowl Through an Inflatable Football Tunnel

Waconia Wildcat Inflatable Sports TunnelThe Waconia Wildcats Inflatable Sports Tunnel Is the Talk of the Town

"Every kid in the town wants to run through the [inflatable football] tunnel when they get older," said Sam Baker, Head Waconia High School Football Coach.

All this from an inflatable sports tunnel? You bet! It's not the first time we've seen high-school sports teams turn their school spirit on its head just by adding a custom-made tunnel at their events.

These "football tunnels," as they're often referred to, work just as well for other sports and occasions.

 For instance, Waconia uses theirs for volleyball, halftime events for youth sports, golf fundraisers, team car washes, the county fair, Relay for Life and more.

Probably the cleverest use of the tunnel is Waconia's pregame walk. "Our tunnel was also a great addition to our pregame tradition: the Wildcat walk.  Our city shuts down three blocks of downtown, and we have hundreds of fans lining the streets with a police escort, while we walk to the stadium." Equally as cool is that the Waconia Lions Club stepped up and sponsored the entire inflatable tunnel project for the school.

"We achieved tremendous excitement, and we were the talk of the town (and we still are)." I should say so! Gooooo Wildcats!

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