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Custom Inflatable Creature Brings Rock Band's Album Art to Life

MGMT Creature Custom Inflatable Creature Ramps up Rock Band's Onstage Impact

The cover of indie-synth-psychedelic band MGMT's Little Dark Age album displays the face of a sad little clown. When the band was ready to launch their tour, they naturally wanted a stage prop resembling their creepy critter.

Lighting and production designer Susanne Sasic knew exactly what to do.

"We wanted to expand our already existing stage design for the larger scale outdoor festival shows. I thought an inflatable would be the most economical and practical way to make this happen."

Using the cover art as direction, Landmark created an inflatable replica, exactly resembling the yellow creature right down to its rubbery fingers. 

"The bright yellow 15-foot-tall creature has high visual impact at big outdoor shows. It is lightweight and easy to transport, simple to setup and use, perfect for the challenging production situations at festivals."

According to Sasic, "The creature has a strangely lifelike quality to it. I'm impressed that Landmark Creations could use as source material such minimally sketched artwork and then bring it to life in the third dimension so effectively."

Sasic says she loved working with Landmark because we "offered great service, a great price, and fast production … and they patiently answered all my questions and made the whole process easy."