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Inflatable Stage Props Add Fun to Neon Trees' Concert Tour

Neon Trees Inflatable Stage PropFun Concert Stage Prop Highlights Neon Trees' Pop Psychology Tour

Pulling off a successful concert tour means having a wicked-cool design company behind you. From stage design to inflatable stage props, Look Up Point Design added dynamics, innovation and a serious dose of "Wow" to Neon Trees' Pop Psychology tour.

The crowning touch was when they commissioned Landmark Creations to develop a truly one-of-a-kind inflatable.

 Was it an inflatable band logo? No. An inflatable guitar? Uh… nope! Center stage in a prism of bright neon colors (of course) was a six-foot tall, 49-pound brain. Designer Kristie Roldan explains, "The inflatable is a 3D replica of an element on Neon Trees' Pop Psychology album cover. It is a great, fun piece of the tour's production design."

From "Sleeping with a Friend" to "I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends)" and "Voices in the Halls," the band rocked through every set in every city dancing around the brain. In fact, the brain dance continues on the Neon Trees' tour for 10 weeks this summer.

Why Landmark? "After seeing a little of what Landmark Creations could do via their website photos, I called and spoke with Tom about the possibilities and options we would have in making a brain appropriate for our tour. After speaking with other companies we had found online, it was clear that Landmark Creations could give us the best product for our money."

The brain not only continues to serve as a rad inflatable stage prop, but Kristie also knew it would find its way onto social media, giving this cool balloon a viral life of its own.