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Katy Perry Rocks Her Residency in Las Vegas with Inflatable Stage Props

katy perry with custom inflatable mushroom stage props at PLAY residencyOver the winter, Landmark had the pleasure of making several inflatables for pop icon, Katy Perry.

In her first concert residency, called Play, pop star Katy Perry provided a total of 36 outstanding shows from December 2021 through March 2022. What was featured front and center to support the singer’s concerts? Inflatable stage props courtesy of Landmark Creations.

We had the fortune of working with Tamlyn Wright, a partner of Silent House design studio, who came to us with an amazing collection of concepts for the set. After coordinating all of the stage designs through various manufacturers, Landmark Creations stepped in to execute the vision for the inflatables.

An array of cold-air inflatables made appearances throughout each show including inflatable mushroom caps, grass, an apple core and an old tire arch shape. This collection of portable inflatables helped create a unique 3-D environment for Katy to “play” in.

This was a fun project because we got to incorporate lots of different texturizing techniques. The tire arch was a special undertaking with plenty of textures to create the look of wear and tear. The mushroom caps required a softer fabric than most inflatable balloons along with the efforts of and close communication between designers, fabricators and sewers to give them their cartoon-like look.

Because these inflatable stage props are easy to pack and ship, the mushrooms and grass found their way to Saturday Night Live (SNL) when Katy hosted the show.

Congratulations on a successful residency, Katy! We look forward to working with you again next time.