Custom Inflatable Statue of Liberty Head

Inflatable Statue of Liberty Head at AOL's Holiday PartyStatue of Liberty Head for Fandango Productions

Fandango, a special events coordinator, knew that after 9/11 people, in general, were showing more patriotism. However, people in Washington, DC were particularly prone to flag-waving and the like. That’s where the idea of the Statue of Liberty head inflatable came into play.

Strategically positioned at center stage, this life-like replication was immediately noticed by all who attended AOL’s 2001 holiday party. While the statue inflatable was not directly intended to generate leads, or sales, or even traffic… it did lend itself nicely to a feeling of Americanism and to the branding of AOL as a company that cares.

This inflatable also made its way into the 2003 Event Solutions Fact Book. All those in attendance at the party had positive comments about the statue.

Great job Fandango!

Concert & Stage Production Inflatables

Grouplove Teeth Custom Inflatable Prop Makes an Impact for Touring Rock Band

Alternative rock band Grouplove is known for their unusual approach to...well, just about everything.

So, when they were noodling ideas for eye-popping stage props, they naturally settled on teeth.

MGMT Creature Custom Inflatable Creature Ramps up Rock Band's Onstage Impact

The cover of indie-synth-psychedelic band MGMT's Little Dark Age album displays the face of a sad little clown. When the band was ready to launch their tour, they naturally wanted a stage prop resembling their creepy critter.

Camp SuperdopeCustom Inflatable Delights Music Fans Coast to Coast

When your music tour keeps moving from city to city, you want stage scenery you can set up and take down quickly at every stop.

To meet that need, Life Is Art Studios, a Raleigh, NC-based production company, turned to Landmark Creations. 

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