Creative Giant Inflatable Advertising Gives Cruise Ship A Facelift

Inflatable Horns on Royal Caribbean Cruise ShipTalk About Giant Inflatable Advertising!

This was one for the books for sure. When Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines announced their ship, Voyager of the Seas, would call Galveston, Texas home, there was quite the buzz.

The change in venue meant a great deal of business for the Port of Galveston, which was expecting a 50% increase in Royal Caribbean guests after the move.

Our very own Tom Meacham left the leisure of manufacturing and selling custom inflatables in Minneapolis during January (read: highs in the 20s!) to labor on-board a luxury cruise ship trolling around the Caribbean, South America and Mexico. That's taking one for the team!  Battling 30 mph winds, the crew of Royal Caribbean, under Tom's supervision and guidance, installed the horns successfully. To show support on such an exciting occasion, local dignitaries and the media poured out to welcome Voyager.  However, what they might not have expected was the type of hometown pride Voyager showed. She made her way to port crowned with gigantic, 140-foot inflatable longhorns! Now there's some creative advertising for you!

We can honestly say we've never created any giant inflatable advertising balloons quite like this before.

Giant Inflatable Bull HornsInflatable Horns on Cruise Ship

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