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Inflatable Cash Booth Increases State Pride & Helps Prevent Littering

New Mexico Tourism Department Cash BoothCash For Trash? Esparza Advertising Uses A Converted Cash Booth To Raise Awareness

When you think of a traditional inflatable money machine, images of dollars flying through the air as contestants frantically flail their arms in an effort to catch as much cash as possible come to mind. But what if the participants were grabbing for trash instead of cash?

 That's the idea behind the "Keep New Mexico True" campaign Esparza Advertising created (and is executing) for the New Mexico Tourism Department's Clean & Beautiful division. No, it's not "trash" trash. It's clean cups, wrappers, paper and other types of items you might find tossed out onto the street.

How does it work? Emily Griebel, Vice President of Esparza, explains. "As part of the traveling roadshow that visits fairs and festivals around New Mexico, consumers can get in the [inflatable cash booth] and try to collect as many pieces of "trash" as possible within 30 seconds. If they collect 10 pieces of trash and provide us with their name and email address, they get to choose from a variety of premium giveaways. Consumers are providing their information and taking the pledge to keep New Mexico clean and beautiful."

Now, that's a fun way to make an impression and get citizens onboard!

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