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Inflatable Replica Stops Expo Visitors in Their Tracks

Posted in Industrial Products Promotional Inflatables

TMEIC Inflatable Motor Replica at Trade Show

TMEIC Stops Traffic at Expo with their Inflatable Replica

Every year the National Mining Association hosts the MINExpo. According to their website you'll "see everything from the industry’s largest equipment to hand tools; the latest in automation and robotics; safety and communications equipment; longwall mining equipment; engines and parts; materials handling and processing equipment and services; pollution control equipment; reclamation equipment and services; computer applications; consulting and financial services, and much, much more."

Grand Valley State Explodes onto the Field through their Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Posted in Sports Industry Inflatables

Grand Valley State University's Inflatable Football Tunnel at Football Game

Fans Leap to their Feet as Grand Valley State Explodes through an Inflatable Sports Tunnel

Imagine, if you will, a football game that takes place in silence. With the exception of the players, coaches and officials; no one else makes a sound. While the game would go on as usual, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun for the fans or team without cheers from the crowd.

The Carl's Jr. Happy Star Inflatable Billboard Builds Brand Awareness

Posted in Restaurant Marketing Inflatables

Carl's Jr. Inflatable Happy Star Billboard on Franchise Rooftop

The Carl's Jr. Happy Star Inflatable Billboard Makes People Hungry

Here's a little Marketing 101 for you. The purpose of creating a brand is to increase familiarity to such a point that exposure to the brand brings about instant recognition. This can happen with words… a jingle… or an inflatable billboard of a giant, smiling star. Such is the case with Carl's Jr. restaurants. 

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