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Tristin Lowe's 52-Foot Cold-Air Inflatable Whale

Posted in Museum & Exhibit Inflatables

Inflatable Albino Sperm Whale at The Fabric Workshop and Museum

Inflatable Albino Sperm Whale Designed by Tristin Lowe in Collaboration with The Fabric Workshop and Museum in Philadelphia

We at Landmark Creations feel all our inflatables are works of art. However, we must admit, we've never been asked to create a cold-air inflatable that would be used as an art exhibit. You know us, if we're going to do something new, we're going to do it BIG!

Giant Inflatable Balloons Increase Advertising Revenue

Posted in Retail Industry Inflatables

Holiday Inflatables Being Installed at Shopping Mall

Giant Inflatable Balloons Increase Holiday Cheer & Advertising Revenue

DG Arquitectura, an interior design firm in the Dominican Republic, had a twofold purpose when they contacted Landmark Creations. They wanted to add beautiful, bigger-than-life Christmas decorations to the Acropolis Center (a local mall) in Santo Domingo to increase holiday cheer. They also wanted to generate some additional marketing revenue. It just so happens that giant inflatable balloons are perfect for both tasks! 

Renton Western Wear Inflatable Rooftop Balloon

Posted in Retail Industry Inflatables

Renton Western Wear's Inflatable Cowboy Boot

Inflatable Rooftop Balloon Increases Traffic and Sales

The I-5 freeway in Tacoma, Washington, has approximately 50,000 cars zipping to and fro every day.  From cell phone calls to radios blasting to remembering to pick up the kids, drivers have a lot on their minds.  It would be easy for them to fly right by the Tacoma Mall exit without ever noticing Renton Western Wear. Easy, that is, except for the giant cowboy boot on the rooftop.

Inflatables Draw More Foot Traffic to Your Tradeshow Booth

Posted in Automotive Industry Inflatables

Inflatable Headphones at Trade Show

PDQ's Headphones Boosted Traffic Levels at Their Tradeshow Booth

A recognized leader in vehicle wash systems, PDQ Manufacturing needed a way to keep foot traffic from getting washed downstream at their tradeshow booth. As you know, exhibiting at shows often means fighting a fierce battle for floor space. Position is everything! End up buried in the wrong part of the hall and you'll see very little action. That's why PDQ asked for Landmark's help with creating a tradeshow display that would attract attention and stop passersby.

GE Profile Inflatable Product Replicas Hit Times Square

Posted in Retail Industry Inflatables

GE Inflatable Washer and Dryer in Times Square

GE Profile Washer & Dryer

New York City is world famous for having some of the most unusual sights and people in the world. So it took a little doing to create something that would capture attention in this borough of the bizarre. A giant, red, inflatable product replica did the trick!It only makes sense that GE wanted a high profile for their new Profile™ washer and dryer set. During their event this past August, they hosted an auction in Times Square. The 40-foot tall inflatable product replica towered over the crowd and drew visitors to the event where they auctioned off a pair of Ryan Seacrest's blue jeans.

Dorothy the Dinosaur Character Inflatable House

Posted in Concert & Stage Production Inflatables

The Wiggles Inflatable House Stage Prop for Dorothy the Dinosaur

Dorothy the Dinosaur World Tour House

An enormously diverse character, Dorothy the Dinosaur is a rare "rososaurus" that is uncommon in most regions of the world. However, she can currently be seen performing with The Wiggles onstage and in their DVDs and television shows. This "yellow-spotted green dinosaur with surprisingly scary teeth" is actually very friendly and kind. She lives in a purple and pink house which Landmark Creations had the extreme pleasure of recreating as an inflatable balloon for her world tour.

Cold-Air Inflatables, Perfect for Grabbing Attention on Mobile Marketing Tours

Posted in Automotive Industry Inflatables

manhattan oil

Manhattan Oil's Cold-Air Inflatable Revved Up Their Mobile Marketing Events

Performance. Speed. Freedom. Harley riders are known for their love of the open road. They also have a reputation as being fanatical about their bikes. No wonder they trust products like Manhattan Oil's Liquid Horsepower (LHP) octane booster and fuel treatment. To make sure it keeps its name in front of its customers, Manhattan Oil decided to take it to the streets.