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Inflatable Arch Celebrates the Season & Helps a Worthy Cause

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Jingle Bell Run Inflatable Finish Arch

Inflatable Archway Helps People Overcome the Effects of Arthritis

Every single one of us probably knows at least one person who has arthritis. From your cousin who gets a twinge in her knee from time to time to your grandfather who can predict the weather more accurately than the weatherman, arthritis is everywhere.

That's why the Arthritis Foundation goes to great lengths to support the 50 million Americans living with this leading cause of disability.

The Jingle Bell Run is one event that helps the Foundation raise funds while having a lot of fun with their supporters. The inflatable arch Landmark Creations was commissioned to make for the event will help mark the starting line as well as give the Foundation yet another means of creating revenue through custom sponsor banners.

Recently named one of the most fun-themed events in the entire nation, the Jingle Bell Run needed to maintain a certain level of branding. Because the Run gets a great deal of press coverage, the inflatable archway had to be "camera ready."

"We LOVE our Walk inflatable. We haven't used [the Jingle Bell Run inflatable arch] yet this year, but our Walk inflatables have made many articles, national videos, been included in press coverage... it's a great branding piece that looks professional," conveys Amy Daugherty, Chief Development Officer, Pacific Region.

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"Simply put, the bobbleheads were a real hit at TwinsFest. Over 21,000 fans attended the two-day event raising more than $100,000 for the Twins Community Fund charities."

- Heidi Sammon, Minnesota Twins

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