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How to Turn a Buffalo Inflatable Mascot into a Landmark

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Inflatable Buffalo MascotATV Resort Uses Inflatable Mascot as a True Landmark

How many times, in the course of your weekly conversations, does the sentence "Just turn right at the giant buffalo" come into play? That's what we thought. When you own and operate an ATV resort and family farm with trails, people are more prone to that sort of thing.

Just ask Chris Morrill, General Manager of Buffalo Trail Cabins, Cottages & Campground. He knows that location awareness in the hills of West Virginia — and media coverage — are the keys to their success.

"We purchased an old gas station and turned it into a welcome center for ATV enthusiasts and travelers," Chris said. "The center is just 500 feet from Buffalo Trail and at an intersection where a large majority of ATV vacationers would drive right by instead of turning toward Buffalo Trail. We put Bobby Joe (our inflatable mascot) on the roof and media coverage blew up! People now say, 'Turn right at the big buffalo.'"

Buffalo can be ornery critters, so Chris was in the market for one that was even-tempered, easy to set up, and fond of the outdoors. Bobby Joe Buffalo, Jr. was just what they needed. "Landmark had this massive inflatable mascot for a great price and we thought it would do the trick. It sure did! Fast delivery, easy setup, and within minutes we were slowing down traffic!".

"We are able to directly track customer traffic caused by the boot, so we know the inflatable boot paid for itself within the first year."

- Jerry Kavsh, Renton Western Wear

"We received our inflatable and gave it a test run Saturday afternoon. To be short; Excellent Work. Thanks again for all your efforts."

- Curtis Gadula, Brock University