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Inflatable Archway Creates Photo Op at Trail Run

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Muddy Monk Inflatable Arch at Trail RaceTrail Run Uses Inflatable Arch for Start/Finish Line and Photo Ops

A run through the trails is not a walk in the park. The folks at Muddy Monk never intended for their race to take place on smooth pavement or freshly raked paths. Just the opposite: Muddy Monk trail runs are designed to push you to your limits.

With natural obstacles like downed trees, creeks, low-hanging branches and more, each runner must give his/her all to complete the course. Trail runs are for those who want a physically challenging run and an experience they will not soon forget.

To help promote their events, Muddy Monk hired Landmark Creations to build a custom inflatable archway. Branded with the monk logo, and sporting an easily seen bright blue color, the arch has become an iconic symbol of the races.

"We usually have to keep the arch up for at least 30 minutes after our races since so many people want to get their photos taken with it!" says Art Boulet, Founder and CEO. "It just added to the fun that people already have at our races."

All those photos have to end up somewhere, right? We're guessing they resulted in a ton of tweets, Facebook posts, pins and pluses… all of which bring in bunches of additional (free) exposure. Just one more benefit of using branded inflatables in your marketing.

Searching for an inflatable archway that will wow participants? Browse our online gallery of arches!

"Thank you so much for getting the arch to us in time for our event!  The arch looked great and we couldn't of been happier with the look.  Looking forward to ordering another arch from you for our 2013 events!"

- Holly Vittengl, Gladiator Assault Challenge

“Everywhere it goes, folks go out of their way to catch a glimpse of the colorful inflatable.”

- Brent Campbell, Enterprise Beverage Group, LLC

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