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Inflatable Product Replica Display Boosts Traffic 30% at Trade Show

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Inflatable Pulse-Bac Vacuum at CDCLarue Trade Show

CDCLarue Industries' Inflatable Trade Show Display Increased Traffic 30%

What's black and red and a top-flight traffic magnet at trade shows? The Pulse-Bac inflatable product replica. This 8-foot-tall, lifelike marketing balloon has been described as a crowd pleaser, a photo op and a social media goldmine.

Chris McCutchen, COO, explained why his company couldn't use just any ole trade show display.


"CDCLarue does trade shows, etc. and has done them for the past 10 years. We know you must grab the attention of trade show attendees. With a large visual aid, specifically our large Pulse-Bac inflatable product replica, CDCLarue can do just that. People love to get their pictures taken with it, and those pictures end up on all types of social media."

An inflatable and free social media buzz? A sweet deal to say the least. But wait! There's more! In addition to all this, CDCLarue also captured quite a nice boost in visitors. "Our foot traffic with the new inflatable was up over 30% at our last trade show when compared with 2011 and 2012."

Why Landmark? It all boiled down to a primo combination of meeting the completion date (actually we beat it, but who's counting?), realistic expectations, offering greater visual impact compared to other trade show eye-catchers and affordable price.

And, congratulations go out to CDCLarue! They are expecting the birth of "Sally" (their latest inflatable) next year. (So proud!)

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Inflatable Product Replicas | Inflatables for Industrial Marketers

"We are able to directly track customer traffic caused by the boot, so we know the inflatable boot paid for itself within the first year."

- Jerry Kavsh, Renton Western Wear

“[Our inflatable tunnel has] increased players & parents enthusiasm and recognition in the league for having a good program.”

- Will Forrestal, Apex Sports Authority

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