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Giant Helium Balloon Helps Keith Loughlin’s Campaign for Re-election

Keith Loughlin Helium Sphere Keith Loughlin Earns Re-election with the Help of a Giant Helium Balloon 

When it comes to the election of political officials, the landscape can quickly get cluttered. Everywhere you look, the horizon is filled with lawn signs, banners and little, branded balloons for the kids. However, New Jersey Councilman Keith Loughlin discovered that taking to the sky gives a distinct advantage when trying to get your name out to the masses.

Sure, small balloons were on hand when he and his team made public appearances, but that wasn’t all. The Loughlin Campaign drew attention to their tent using a giant helium sphere. 

“We displayed our [inflatable] orange helium sphere at a street fair, at a campaign kickball fundraiser, and on top of the James Ward Mansion building in downtown Westfield, New Jersey, for a week prior to the election.On Election Day, we moved the sphere to fly over a residential neighborhood near a polling place. I was re-elected to the Westfield Town Council by a large margin. Thanks, Landmark!” 

If you’re seeking election to an office, thinking out of the box might just get you there.