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Inflatable Arch & Sports Tunnel Combine for Greater Use at Events

Broken Arrow Inflatable TunnelBroken Arrow High School Makes a Statement with Hybrid Inflatable

What do you get when you cross an inflatable archway and a sports tunnel? An impressive-looking creation that gives you twice the usage of either one alone. Broken Arrow High School discovered this unique hybrid inflatable when they ordered their black and gold sports tunnel with a detachable arch/wall.

 Jason Jedamski, Director of Student Life Activities, explained, “The tunnel is used at home and away games. It makes a statement that the Broken Arrow Tigers are taking the field.”

While sports tunnels have a long-standing record of pumping up school spirit at games, they also contribute to the atmosphere and excitement level at dances, community events and other school functions. Using just the tunnel or the detachable wall/arch gives instant recognition to the school and the opportunity for selling sponsorships on the tunnel or arch are doubled as well. Broken Arrow High also ordered an inflatable double arch. Read that case study here.