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Inflatable Double Arch Gets Fans in Gear Before the Games

Broken Arrow Inflatable ArchBroken Arrow High School Inflatable Double Arch Marks the Spot

School spirit runs wild at Broken Arrow High School even before fans enter the stadium. That’s because the Tigers use an inflatable dual archway branded with their school logo.

Marketing the tailgate area during football season and directing attendees to the entrance of school-sponsored events are just two of the many uses Broken Arrow High has found for its arch.

 According to Jason Jedamski, Director of Student Life Activities, “We had people taking pictures of their family in front of the arch and walking under it just to see it.” This is a common reaction to something so huge (and so very cool!) that is usually followed by lots and lots of posts on social media.

It was Landmark Creations’ reputation for producing quality inflatables that brought the high school to us. In addition to purchasing this archway, Broken Arrow High also commissioned an inflatable sports tunnel with removable wall. Read that case study here.