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Corporate Events: Planning and Execution is Easy with Inflatables

Posted in Uses for Custom Inflatables

Herbalife Inflatable Spheres at Corporate Event

Corporate Events Are More Fun & Fashionable with Inflatables

From team-building exercises to tradeshows, there's a never-ending need for creative event ideas. When you're charged with repeatedly pulling off exceptional corporate events, planning and execution can leave you wishing. Isn't there a solution that's nothing short of brilliant and also easy to plan, simple to execute, and affordable to boot? Sure there is! Enter Landmark Creations.

Convert more lookers into buyers, raise funds for worthy causes and host some of the most awesome parties when you incorporate inflatables into your corporate events. Planning is simple because you'll work with our talented design team to create the perfect custom inflatable for your occasion.

Consider these event ideas:

  • Corporate Parties – Anniversary parties, "after" event parties, convention celebrations and other gatherings are always a blast. Make them even more fun and memorable by strategically placing giant product replicas throughout your venue.
  • Outdoor Dinners – Custom-made inflatable tents offer the perfect awning, as guests enjoy a delightful lunch or dinner, courtesy of your organization.
  • Tradeshows – Introduce new products to the marketplace by offering free samples. Inflatable kiosks make branding and distribution a snap because they quickly inflate and deflate for easy use.
  • Outdoor Movies – Corporate events are most successful when guests walk away with a firm sense of the company brand. Gain a captive audience when you sponsor an outdoor theater using inflatable outdoor movie screens. Screens are easily branded, and you have the perfect opportunity to show promotional videos before the feature attraction.
  • Fundraisers – Giant inflatable balloons can be made in any shape or size you can imagine. Here are a couple of event ideas: a giant pink ribbon branded with your company logo for breast cancer events or an inflatable looking glass for St. Jude's Children's Hospital.  Whatever the cause, we'll make you look good in front of prospective contributors.

Inflatable Statue of Liberty Head

Need more creative ideas for your next corporate event? View our corporate event inflatables gallery.

“This has created tremendous buzz around town and we have received a great deal of compliments on the Big Tire. Exposure is my goal, and the inflatable does that better than anyone, including me, can do at these events. The Big Tire never takes a break, gets tired or has to take a call. It just keeps shining bright and the kids love it.”

- Ed Chaney, Ed Chaney Tire Center Inc.

“We wanted to convey our 'money-saving' message, what better way than a 14-foot-tall inflatable booth with money flying around in it?”

- Brandon Hoffman, Hydra-Flex

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