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Marketing Tips for Using Inflatables

Discover the Powerful Impact Advertising Inflatables Have on Your Marketing Efforts

Because they are custom-made in practically any shape, size, and style you want; advertising inflatables are the perfect fit for grand openings, sporting events, point-of-purchase displays, mobile marketing campaigns, and more. Large or small, rooftop or ground, helium-filled or dynamic; advertising balloons always have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.  Read the articles (below) and find out specifically how to use advertising inflatables in a variety of marketing scenarios.

LED Lighting Options Add New Dimension to Inflatable Displays

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LED Lighting OptionsInflatable Displays with LED Lighting: More Options Than Ever Before for Marketers and Event Planners

Ready to add even more drama and dazzle to your custom inflatable displays? Consider LED lighting. Today's light-emitting diode (LED) lights can take your Landmark custom inflatable to a whole new level of eye-popping splendor. Best of all, they offer an array of advantages over old-fashioned incandescent bulbs.

Custom Inflatable Colons Take the Scary out of Screenings

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Inflatable Colons at Community EventsEducate Without Fear Using Custom Giant Colons

There are certain things the vast majority of the population is extremely uncomfortable talking about. Included on that short list are changing their diets, their in-laws coming to visit and cancer. (The in-laws are probably the most intimidating of the three!) In order to converse with people about these and other awkward topics, you have to navigate around the emotional brick wall.

10 Tips for Making Custom Inflatables Pay Off

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Custom Inflatables Used at Marketing Events

10 Ways to Achieve Event Marketing Success with Custom Inflatables

Mobile. Attention-getting. Emotional. Functional. These are just a few of the many attributes custom inflatables offer event marketers as they travel the country. Over the years, we've worked with some of the best in the industry as they've mastered the art and science of attracting traffic in the midst of a flood of people. Want to know what we've found works best? Here are 10 tips for making custom inflatables pay off for you.

Inflatable Stage Props: The Flexible Choice for Concerts, Theater & TV Shows

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Inflatable Stage Props Used at Concerts, Theaters and on Cruise Ships

Frequently Asked Questions about Inflatable Scenery & Stage Props

Whether you're producing a rock concert, a theatrical performance or a television show, props are major elements in the mix. Coming up with everything needed to make the stage interesting and inviting to your audience can send you running from one corner of the world to another. And when finding a readymade purple dragon wearing a tutu proves insurmountable, you turn to expensive artists who develop something crafted from wood, metal or hard plastic. (A nightmare to ship from city to city.)

5 Proven Ways Inflatables Generate Excitement at Events

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FIVE PROVEN WAYS Inflatables Generate Excitement at Events

L6319 01 2162The whole idea of having an event of any sort is to create an atmosphere filled with excitement. Whether your event is a fair, a conference, a celebration, a product or company launch, or any other type, you'll also need lots of foot traffic to make it a success. Using inflatables helps you accomplish your goals. In fact, there are five distinct ways inflatable advertising can create excitement at your next event.

10 Tips for Standing Out in a Crowd with Inflatables

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L6057 Sunsoaked OctopusBecome the Center of Attention at Any Event with These 10 Tips

Custom inflatables truly give you enormous flexibility during marketing events. Because they can actually work in different capacities or simply stand steadfast and attract attention, the possibilities in design and function are practically limitless. Here are 10 clever ways these giant marketing balloons make you the center of attention.

Easy and Effective Event Marketing with Portable Trade Show Booths

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Portable Trade Show Inflatables

Stress-Free Mobile Marketing with Portable Trade Show Displays

Have you ever watched a trade show manager at work? Shipping manifest in one hand and cell phone pressed to her ear, she tried to bring order out of chaos. Scanning a crowded exhibit hall for a late display vendor, she watches the clock as the limited time available for set up slips away and a critical part of her booth remains AWOL. If you've ever been that unlucky manager you know the helpless feeling of depending on others to make your display pop. But opt for inflatable and portable trade show booths and you might just find your next event is stress-free.

Top 20 Projects - 2017

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top projects 2017

Landmark Creations is proud to reveal our Top 20 picks for 2017. It was difficult to choose only twenty favorites (of projects we're allowed to share); we based our selection on visual appeal.

We're grateful to have clients with so much creative talent, and can't wait to see what they have in store for 2018!

10 Ways to Get Giant-Sized Exposure with Advertising Inflatables

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Advertising Inflatables at Trade Shows and Marketing Events

Advertising Inflatables Deliver Enormous Exposure

Whether you're planning a grand opening, attending a trade show or undertaking a full-blown mobile marketing campaign, you want big results.  Few marketing strategies deliver the giant-sized exposure better than advertising inflatables. Here are 10 proven techniques you can use to pull in incredible amounts of traffic to your location.

3 Product Launch Ideas Designed to Deliver Primo Results

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Inflatable Characters and Product Replicas for Trade Shows

Inflatable Product Replicas Punch Up Your Product Launch

There are literally hundreds of thousands of new products launched every year. The enormous task of bringing these products to the attention of the public falls in the laps of business owners and/or marketing directors.

Your choices for promotion may seem obvious. There's the traditional mass mailing. You could opt for a coupon insert in the local papers. Or you could break the mold and add one (or all) of these 3 product launch ideas to the mix and see primo results.

Rooftop Advertising with Inflatables Offers Big Impact in Small Packages

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Senior Frog's Inflatable Rooftop Advertising Mascot

In Advertising, Size Does Matter

These days, your advertising dollar has to work hard. Your customer’s attention is being pulled in a hundred directions, and the competition for her time – and money – is fierce.  What you need is a big presence with the power to captivate and charm an audience. That’s where inflatable rooftop advertising really shines.

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