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5 Proven Ways Inflatables Generate Excitement at Events

Custom Inflatable Starting Arch with Racers at the 5th Annual Georgia Gravity GamesWondering if Custom Inflatables Will Work at Your Events? Here are Five Ways the Answer is Probably "Yes":

The whole idea of having an event of any sort is to create an atmosphere filled with excitement. Whether your event is a fair, a conference, a celebration, a product or company launch, or any other type, you'll also need lots of foot traffic to make it a success. Using inflatables helps you accomplish your goals. In fact, there are five distinct ways inflatable advertising can create excitement at your next event.

1. Building Interest

The vibrant colors, the uniqueness of inflatables, and the sheer size of these giant balloons will make anyone curious about what's going on. Because inflatables are large, they attract interest from long distances. Just the fact that you have a monster-sized soda pop bottle in your parking lot (for example) lets customers know something special is going on. Their curiosity naturally leads them to your location where they find the grand opening of your newest restaurant. Since they've stopped by, these customers might as well stay for lunch, right?

2. Making A Personal Connection

Kids and adults love to see giant replicas of their favorite characters and brands. They also love to get up close and personal with these figures. Once you make a personal connection, customers are more apt to frequent your location.

3. Increasing Brand Awareness

Nothing else makes an impact quite like a 40-foot-tall inflatable replica of your mascot or logo.
Brand reinforcement is inevitable especially when it happens while your customers are having fun. (And inflatables are fun, as you're about to find out.)

4. Adding FUN

How about inflatable sports cages or pitching cages for sports events?
Inflatable archways make the perfect finale for races. There are inflatable tents & domes that offer shade at outdoor events, and a list that's only limited by your imagination.

5. Breaking Advertising Overload

These days, your customers are seeing ads everywhere... and I mean EVERYwhere. Not only are they bombarded with billboards, radio ads, and neon signs in front of stores, but they find ads on their grocery carts, and on doors to bathroom stalls for goodness sake!

Custom Inflatables breakthrough advertising overload.

They are large enough to be unusual but created in familiar shapes so they are easily recognized. And because they aren't something customers see every day, they really stand out in a crowd and alert customers that something exciting is going on. The next time you need to build excitement at your event, think of inflatable advertising. For all the reasons listed (and more), they always produce phenomenal results by drawing a crowd and increasing sales.