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Inflatables Are a Vital Part of Your Brand Awareness Strategy

Precision Tune Auto Care's Inflatable Mascot

Inflatables Are a Vital Part of Your Brand Awareness Strategy

There are numerous ways inflatables excel when it comes to increasing response to your marketing, but - without a doubt - building brand awareness is at the top of the list. What could possibly drive a more vibrant and lasting visual image into the minds of consumers than giant inflatable balloons? Their sheer size grabs attention immediately. Their uniqueness holds interest and captivates onlookers.  They beg to be remembered and photographed. The end result is an impression people talk about for days, weeks or even months to come. You can't get that kind of bang for your branding buck with any other medium.

Because Landmark Creations' inflatables are so flexible in design and use, you have plenty of options for your brand awareness strategy. Tell us what you have planned and we'll help you choose the best inflatables to make the events a complete success.

Product Replicas

From gargoyles to golf bags and cereal boxes to chili cans, Landmark has a creative and downright clever design team that makes your product replicas shine.

Inflatable Arches

Building brand awareness couldn't be easier! Inflatable arches are the perfect marketing tool for sporting events. As "start" or "finish" line markers, these arches keep all eyes on them, meaning your advertising message is seen by a captive audience.

Hot-Air Shapes

Want to create a literal buzz? Let Landmark create a custom hot air shape for you. Similar in appearance to traditional hot-air balloons, the inflatable versions aren't manned, but can still rise high. They are suitable for both ground and rooftop installations.

Inflatable Costumes

This is what we call relationship marketing. When your brand awareness strategy calls for some face-to-face time, suit up in one of our custom-made inflatable costumes. Adults and children alike love them!

Inflatable Logos

On a roof, in a convention hall… wherever you need to break through the clutter and stand out in a crowd, giant inflatable logos save the day.

Inflatable Tents / Domes

From building brand awareness to serving in a functional capacity, inflatable tents and domes do the job. While providing an easily recognizable gathering place and shelter from the sun or rain, these tents are also brand-friendly. We can quickly create attachable, interchangeable banners that drive your message home.

Inflatable Kiosks

Want to give away samples, coupons or other items? Landmark offers handy kiosks tailored specifically to your brand.  You'll be the main attraction at trade shows, fairs and other public events.

Event Marketing Inflatables

Need creative ideas for your next marketing event?

Check out our gallery of event marketing inflatables.