Meet Your Marketing Goals with Inflatable Advertising

Inflatable Whales Displayed in Museum Entry

How Inflatable Advertising Helps You Meet Your Marketing Goals

There are several goals that any marketing program hopes to accomplish. Advertising inflatables help you meet or exceed those goals in an affordable way that pays off with increased sales.

Goal #1 - Advertising Inflatables Gain Attention & Increase Traffic

In order to increase sales, you must first get the attention and the traffic of your customer. Advertising inflatables and balloons have high visibility and offer immediate and lasting visual impressions. Outdoor advertising inflatables literally stop traffic on streets and demand the attention of your prospects. Giant inflatable advertising increases location traffic by delivering a high visual impact right at the point of purchase. An added bonus includes improved media attention due to their uniqueness and photographic draw!

Inflatable Kong for Radio Station PromotionI just wanted to drop a line to thank you for all your help with our purchase of "KOOL KONG." Talk about a show stopper! WOW!! "KONG" is the biggest, baddest primate in the California Central Valley. The workmanship is top-notch. The art design and paint job are first rate. It's simple to inflate as well as deflate and store. Kids automatically gravitate to "KOOL KONG" and the adults stop and stare. Our logo "jumps" off the inflatable and clients are already lining up to add "KONG" to their on-site events.

- KOOL 92.9FM

Goal #2 - Inflatable Advertising Increases Brand Awareness

Branding - in its most basic form - is an effort to create remembrance in consumers. What could be more memorable than an inflatable 30-foot tall reproduction of your product, mascot or logo? The deep and long-lasting impression that is made by inflatable advertising is one of the most powerful, and greatly lends itself to increasing and maintaining brand awareness, brand identification and brand presence.

As a company, our focus for marketing our brand names has been concentrated on events. We are involved in May festivals, community projects, store grand openings, sporting events, etc. Our Ruthie's Playhouse [inflatable advertising] has been a fantastic addition to our inventory of 'toys.' With our large cow, Ruthie's Playhouse and ice cream products, our ability to make an event a fun day for everyone has been a useful tool in brand awareness. My plan for the future is to add a smaller bounceland to our inventory for use by smaller children and to alleviate the lines somewhat. Thanks again for your great work.

- Country Fresh, Inc. 

Goal #3 - Advertising Inflatables Connect On An Emotional Level With Consumers

It's a proven marketing fact- most buying decisions are emotional - not logical. When there is an emotional connection between the consumer and your company, you win the competitive edge over your competition! Inflatable advertising bridges the gap between "needing" your product or service and "wanting" your product or service. Once you provoke that emotional desire to buy- sales naturally follow.

Inflatable Hornet Football TunnelThe inflatable "JACKET" Sports Entry Tunnel we purchased from you has proven to be a focal point of excitement and pride for the Denison, TX, High School YellowJackets, the Denison Athletic Booster Club and the greater community at large. When the fog machine comes on, the music cranks up and the YellowJackets swarm into that tunnel, the crowd goes wild. Opposing coaches, fans and boosters all comment, oftentimes with envy, that they wish they had such a creative symbol and rallying point as our "JACKET" tunnel.

- Denison Athletic Booster Club 

Goal #4 - Inflatable Advertising Increases Sales/Response

All the time and energy you've put into your marketing plan would be worthless if you didn't achieve your desired end result- increasing sales or response. For businesses, sales are the name of the game. For organizations, schools, teams and other groups, an increase in membership, donations or attendance might be what's needed. Advertising inflatables, once again, answer the call with a proven track record of immediately increasing sales by 20% and creating impulse buys/reactions on the spot!

Inflatable Quiznos Drinking CupRecently, we have acquired several inflatable advertising promotions for our market. All existing or new stores who have chosen to use these promotions have shown substantial sales increases in their locations. We feel a sales increase of $500 daily can be directly attributed to your inflatable cup advertisements. This brings us great exposure in a market where everyone is fighting for brand identity. Thanks to Matt for all his help and we look forward to doing continued business.

- Quiznos Restaurants 

Goal #5 - Advertising Inflatables Offer Easy Implementation

Most marketers have fought the battle of trying to "pull off" an event only to find out that nothing was as easy as it first appeared. Point of sale marketing often becomes cumbersome due to space, mobility or complication. Landmark’s outdoor advertising inflatables, however, are compact when deflated making them easy to transport and store, and lightweight and easy to set up. By using inflatable advertising, your marketing event will come off without a hitch!

Purdue's Inflatable Football TunnelThank you so very much for all of your efforts in creating the newest member of the Purdue mascot family. The customized train tunnel was first introduced during the football season and was well received by the athletes, coaches and fans alike. What we thought was going to be quite a challenge to our game management staff proved to be incredibly easy. We were able to inflate and deflate the tunnel in a matter of minutes, clearing the way for bands and camera crews quickly and effortlessly.

- Purdue University 

Goal #6 - Stay Within Budget

There are very few companies and organizations that have an unlimited amount of money to spend on their marketing efforts. Surprisingly, advertising inflatables are very affordable additions to your plan that not only last and last, but also provide a fabulous return on investment in sales dollars.

Great Clips Inflatable Hot Air ShapesI currently own ten Great Clips franchises and I've used all three of your inflatable styles. I inflate the 8' EZ-Up outdoor advertising inflatable by the road in front of my salons to attract new customers. As a fairly conservative estimate, the EZ-Up attracts 100 new customers per week. Since I typically have the inflatable up for six weeks, I average 600 new customers during a haircut cycle. Assuming a franchisee runs at a 30% profit margin after break-even, then the inflatable will pay for itself 4-6 times within a year. I would strongly recommend the use of inflatables to all Great Clips franchisees because they work.

- Red Hill, Inc., Spokane, Washington

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