Effective Visual Marketing with Inflatables for Themed Events

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Using Inflatables for Themed Events Makes Visual Marketing More Effective

Want to know the one thing that causes themed events to fail miserably? Not carrying the theme throughout every aspect of the affair. If your charity is hosting a Mexican night, you'll want to do more than simply serve tacos and play mariachi music. You'll want to infuse every element of the event with all things Mexican.

That means forfeiting the ordinary in exchange for the memorable. Using inflatables for special events built upon themes is one surefire way to make your visual marketing more effective. That's because inflatables offer characteristics not found elsewhere.

Bigger Than Life

Inflatables are custom-made and can be any size you desire. Want a 25-foot tall bullfighter? Done! With giant inflatable sombreros hanging from the ceiling and an inflatable green, white and red national flag standing tall in the corner, your guests will soon feel as though they've stepped into a restaurant in Cancún.

3-D Captures Attention

Unlike ordinary signage or posters, inflatables are three dimensional: a huge advantage with visual marketing. It's hard to ignore a message encouraging you to give generously when it's on the front of a 15-foot tall, inflatable burrito.

Color Is Eye Catching

Add color to size and shape and you have a triple threat that's hard to beat. Inflatables for special events get noticed.

Themed Displays

Let's say that you decide to allow exhibitors at your Mexican-themed charity event. Because of their visual marketing characteristics, those exhibitors will have greater success with drawing guests to their booths when they use inflatables.

On-Brand Logos

No themed event would be complete without a little branding. Giant inflatable logos get the job done by identically replicating your logo in whatever size fits your needs.

Mascots & Costumes

Whether you want a friendly face your guests will immediately recognize or a real-life, walking mascot to shake hands and greet attendees, inflatable mascots and costumes make a big impact. Wrap your mascot or costumed character with a charro jacket to play into your Mexican theme.


Balls, key chains, picture frames, punching bags and more. These mini-inflatables make excellent giveaways your guests will appreciate and use.  Branded with your logo, they'll also serve to remind attendees about your business or organization.

Thanks to the visual marketing elements of inflatables, your special events can be all the more successful. Make sure to carry the theme all the way through - from inflatable signage to giveaways - for added impact.  Your guests will be thrilled at how festive your affair is… you'll be excited at the results you achieve.

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