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Marketing Tips for Using Inflatables

Discover the Powerful Impact Advertising Inflatables Have on Your Marketing Efforts

Because they are custom-made in practically any shape, size, and style you want; advertising inflatables are the perfect fit for grand openings, sporting events, point-of-purchase displays, mobile marketing campaigns, and more. Large or small, rooftop or ground, helium-filled or dynamic; advertising balloons always have a positive impact on your marketing efforts.  Read the articles (below) and find out specifically how to use advertising inflatables in a variety of marketing scenarios.

The Science of Getting More Traffic to Your Trade Show Booth

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What Do Heat Maps and Shopping Have to Do with Trade Shows?

L6995 trade showMost marketers know that heat maps are developed by following the eye path of customers as they look over advertising material such as websites, brochures, etc. What you may not know, however, is that the same eye-catching elements that perform well online or in print can also pull top performances with trade show displays.

The Failsafe Way to Create Buzz for a New Product Launch

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Buzz.  First introduced as a - well - "buzzword" in about 1998, it faded from the marketing vocabulary a few years later. However, with the explosion of Web 2.0 in recent years, the catchphrase is back in full force.  What better way to describe the phenomenon of everyone chattering about your new product than "buzz”?

As major corporations and small businesses are finding - in the age of blogs, social networking sites, and video-sharing communities - creating a viral campaign has enormous potential for buzz. In fact, it has become such a vital component for marketing a new product that even companies like Nielsen offer "buzz tracking" services.

3 Grand Opening Ideas that Set the Stage for Your Business

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Inflatable Applebee's Logo on Restaurant Rooftop

When you're planning a grand opening, you want customers and the media to visit your new location. But which types of grand opening ideas can draw the attention of both? We'll show you!

While there are no firm statistics, professionals have noticed that the majority of businesses that close within the first two years did not have an official grand opening event. Those same pros continue to surmise that if you create a successful grand opening, you'll set the pace for the weeks and months ahead. This has never been truer than it is today, as we see company after company closing its doors or downsizing. But what can be done for your particular business? Which types of grand opening ideas can draw the attention of customers as well as the media?

Inflatables Are a Vital Part of Your Brand Awareness Strategy

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Precision Tune Auto Care's Inflatable Mascot

Inflatables Are a Vital Part of Your Brand Awareness Strategy

There are numerous ways inflatables excel when it comes to increasing response to your marketing, but - without a doubt - building brand awareness is at the top of the list. What could possibly drive a more vibrant and lasting visual image into the minds of consumers than giant inflatable balloons? Their sheer size grabs attention immediately. Their uniqueness holds interest and captivates onlookers.  They beg to be remembered and photographed. The end result is an impression people talk about for days, weeks or even months to come. You can't get that kind of bang for your branding buck with any other medium.

Using Inflatable Costumes

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Easy to Use and Comfortable to Wear, Inflatable Costumes Bring Energy and Life to Events

They swing. They sway. They walk up and hug you!  Most people are familiar with cold-air inflatables that are tethered to the ground. Many are also familiar with newer dynamic inflatables that are still tethered, but can flap and wiggle in the wind. Making their way up on the popularity list are inflatable costumes. What's the difference? Inflatable costumes let your character move around freely wherever he wants.

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