Custom Giant Inflatable Arch Boosts Community Engagement (and More)

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Custom Inflatable Arch Has Marathoners Racing for More

It started out at as a way to build brand visibility at a local marathon. Now it has become so much more.

The Dell EMC inflatable arch was commissioned by Ben Stephenson, lead for the firm's Community Service Committee. As he explains it, "the initial project was to increase our presence at our water stop for the Oklahoma City Memorial Marathon." 

To that end, Stephenson turned to Landmark, and Landmark came through. The finished custom inflatable stands 15 feet high and 21 feet wide and weighs 156 pounds. Designed as a double arch, it features a complex cluster of interconnected "molecules" – a marvel of inflatable craftsmanship.

According to Stephenson, the inflatable arch quickly became a huge hit.

"On multiple occasions we received confirmation that the arch helps build out the best water stop on the marathon."


"This year a local TV station broadcast just in the front of our water stop, using the arch as a backdrop. We already have a number of requests to have these arches appear at multiple community engagement events," says Stephenson.

Why did Dell EMC OKC choose Landmark Creations? Landmark was "quick to respond," Stephenson reports. "Plus, they had a great idea and delivered as promised."

"It was a big success! Customers were stopping to take their pictures with the inflatable pheasant and it helped draw in interstate traffic."

- Matthew Kettler, Cabela's

“[The inflatable arch] created a wonderful backdrop to brand our events, capture our sponsors in the photos used by the participants, and made it easy to travel down the coast of California without taking up too much space on our trucks.”

- Amy Daugherty, California Coast Classic

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