Custom Inflatable Arch Adds Professional Flair at Annual Fundraising Walk

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Custom Inflatable Arch Ramps Up Excitement at Annual Fundraiser

Every year Business Professionals of America (BPA) hosts its annual Walk for Special Olympics in cities across America, and they strive to make this major fundraising event more impactful each time.

That's why Andrea Bunning wanted a new arch for the Walk's start/finish line.

As BPA's Director of Marketing and Stakeholder Engagement, Bunning wasn't satisfied with the makeshift arch – made of balloons – featured at previous Walks. She needed something more permanent and professional. 

"After an evaluation of the company and products," Bunning reports, "we determined that Landmark Creations had a solid track record in creating the type of product we were looking for."

With Bunning's guidance, Landmark designed and built a giant inflatable arch, standing 12 feet high and 17 feet wide, topped by BPA's eye-catching logo.

With its bold red-white-and-blue design, the custom inflatable arch makes a dramatic impact. And, thanks to its durable construction, it can be used over and over.

Bunning sums it up well: "This new inflatable arch provided a great method to promote the organization's new logo and help offer a solid focal point for our Walk for Special Olympics start/finish line."

“Not only have they been extremely impactful, attracting hundreds of potential consumers to our sampling teams, but the ease in which we can install them has been a great help...”

- Bill Gerety, Veryfine Products, Inc.

"We received our inflatable and gave it a test run Saturday afternoon. To be short; Excellent Work. Thanks again for all your efforts."

- Curtis Gadula, Brock University

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