Custom Inflatable Arch Drives Awareness for Polaris Off-Road Vehicles

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Custom inflatable arch helps increase foot traffic and brand awareness

Tyra Guldseth had a very specific goal. As Senior Project Manager for marketing agency SixSpeed, she wanted to raise public awareness of the new updated branding for client Polaris Inc.

On the recommendation of a coworker, she turned to Landmark Creations. Could Landmark create a custom inflatable that captured all the adventurous boldness of the Polaris brand?

The answer? A definite "yes!" With Guldseth's guidance, the Landmark team crafted and built a giant inflatable arch, designed to promote Polaris's popular off-road vehicles at trade shows, demos, displays, and similar events.  

Measuring 18 feet high and 26 feet wide, the striking structure showcases Polaris's iconic star logo against a bold blue background. The familiar Polaris logotype embellishes both sides. 

With its towering size and dramatic design, the arch is impressive indeed... and clearly visible even from a distance. 

So far, the huge inflatable arch has played a prominent role at corporate events, product launches, trade shows, event marketing tours, fairs and festivals, and more. And, according to Guldseth, it has been a big success, boosting foot traffic along with brand recognition. 

Guldseth is pleased. And so are the people at Polaris Inc.

"The inflatable arch allows for safe and easy setup and takedown. People have raved about the arch and have made requests to have it at their events."

- Karen Klevesahl, SMET Construction

“We knew Landmark was the only company that would be able to understand our vision and work to make it come to life.”

- Peggy Donaldson, American Cancer Society

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