Custom Inflatable Replica Boosts Awareness of the US Constitution

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Custom Inflatable Replica Brings Constitution to "We the People"

"We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union...."

These familiar words begin our nation's founding document, the US Constitution. But how many of us have read the rest of the text... or recognize its supreme importance for our nation's future?

Not enough of us, perhaps, especially on college campuses.

Stephen Cucchiara sought to remedy this. As Director of Student Activities and Community Service at the University of Colorado-Colorado Springs, he wanted to raise "awareness about the important role our Constitution plays in everyday life." 

Constitution Day (September 17) was coming up, and Cucchiara figured that was the perfect occasion for promoting the Constitution. So, he commissioned Landmark Creations to build a giant custom inflatable – an exact replica of the Constitution's iconic first page.

Landmark rose to the challenge. The finished inflatable replica captures the authentic look and feel of the original document, with its elegant cursive text and delicate off-white tint. At 8 feet tall and 11 feet wide, it certainly grabs attention. And, according to Cucchiara, it's been boosting "awareness" at PR events and art exhibits. 

Why did Cucchiara choose Landmark Creations to craft UofC's giant inflatable? Landmark was "really honest and easy to work with," he reports. And that made all the difference. 

“This has created tremendous buzz around town and we have received a great deal of compliments on the Big Tire. Exposure is my goal, and the inflatable does that better than anyone, including me, can do at these events. The Big Tire never takes a break, gets tired or has to take a call. It just keeps shining bright and the kids love it.”

- Ed Chaney, Ed Chaney Tire Center Inc.

"Our Landmark Creations blast tunnel made for an incredible night and it was exeremley well received by the players, coaches and fans. Thanks to you and your team for a first class effort. Regards."

- Glenn Mastro, Watchung Hills Warriors Touchdown Club

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