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Mascots & Characters: Giant Inflatable Mascots & Characters

Posted in Custom Inflatable Product Lines

Inflatable Mascots Make A Strong Emotional Connection

Just watch the reaction of adults and children alike as these custom inflatables attract attention from far and wide. It's one thing to see a mascot on product packaging or in television commercials, but when inflatable mascots are right before your eyes, a true sense of wonder comes over everyone. 

What types of inflatable mascots can be created? Chipmunks, wolves, pizza slices, ice cream cones, drink cups and practically anything else you can think of. From the Pillsbury Doughboy™ to the mighty dust mite, inflatable advertising has the unique ability to bring your business, association or college mascot to life.

Stationary Custom Inflatables Stand Tall

Depending on the event and purpose, your mascot can be fashioned in a variety of ways to give you maximum flexibility. Most stationary mascots are created as cold-air inflatable advertising pieces that can stand up to 70-feet tall! The likeness of your inflatable mascot is recreated by our talented design staff then cut from 7.5-ounce, 10-ounce or 18-ounce vinyl-coated nylon for exceptional durability. A blower system is then used to keep your mascot standing for as long as you need. Cold-air mascots inflate quickly and tether to the ground for added stability.

Sealed Inflatable Mascots - A Perfect Fit For Any Event

Sealed inflatable mascots are smaller than stationary, cold-air inflatable advertising balloons. Because all seams are sealed (thus the name), no blower is needed for sealed balloons. These custom inflatables stay blown up and range in size from small, handheld pieces to about six-feet tall. Made to the same detailed specifications as their larger counterparts, sealed inflatable mascots are perfect for generating excitement at point-of-contact displays, trade shows, parades, radio station remotes, fairs, carnivals and much more.

Mascot Costumes - Custom Inflatables You Can Wear

Want to breathe some real life into your mascot? Inflatable costumes are just the ticket. Yes, you actually wear them. Because they contain an internal blower, these inflatable mascot costumes stay comfortable for hours on end. And because your mascot can now fully interact with the crowd, you're sure to make a memorable impact on everyone you reach.

College Mascots Are Our Specialty!

Over the years, we've created exact duplicates of college mascots in vinyl that literally drove the crowd wild! When you're looking for a high-quality, detail-oriented replica of your college mascot that can tower over your stadium, Landmark Creations sets the standard. Let us also tell you about other creative ideas that bear the image of college mascots, including the ever-popular custom inflatable sports tunnels.

Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My! Inflatable Characters Are Some of the Most Memorable

Did you know that animals and babies are the two most memorable advertising icons? That explains why sports teams, restaurants, radio stations, automotive stores and more choose animals to represent their organizations. When you turn animated animals into inflatable characters, you get a tremendous marketing tool that begs to be noticed.

Animals aren't the only inflatable characters that perform well, however. Sumo wrestlers, spacemen, Santa Claus, cavemen, cars, cowboys, paperboys, mechanics and many others have proven themselves repeatedly as effective attention-getters.

Flexible Uses for Inflatable Characters

From stationary balloons of up to 70-feet tall to helium-filled animations that fly high, there are lots of ways to use inflatable characters to promote your organization.

Sports tunnels bring the crowd to their feet every time. Team mascots can be recreated as inflatable characters atop tunnels that players burst through before each game.
Character-shaped parade balloons that rival those seen in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day celebration will make you the hit of the parade. As these helium-filled giants float down the street, the crowd is bound to cheer.
Character inflatables perform well at radio station promotions like remotes, parades, give-aways and event sponsorships.

Make A Statement, Involve the Crowd and Create Some Fun With Creative Advertising Caricatures

Everyone loves caricatures. And because caricatures normally involve faces we're familiar with, they hold powerful attention-getting appeal. Whether for business or nonprofit affairs, your event will have greater success when you incorporate a little creative advertising.

Inflatable Caricatures Are Perfect For:

Activist Causes - Presidents are prime targets when activists get creative. Advertising their cause with the use of inflatable presidential (or other) caricatures is always a big hit.
Publicity - Publicizing with anything unusual is a surefire way to get the media interested. What could be more curious than a 30-foot tall inflatable caricature of celebrities, politicians or sports stars?
Promotion - It's a proven marketing fact. People relate to faces. Caricature faces have an added element of fun, making them more creative. Advertising becomes easier because people actually want to see what's going on.
Parades - Want to stand out in the parade? Skip the same ordinary floats and go for a phenomenal caricature of local celebrities, musicians or other popular folks.You'll be sure to capture attention from everyone in the crowd.
And more!

"I was especially impressed with your ability to turn around such excellent work on very short notice, and at a fair price."

- Richard Stever-Zeitlin, General Mills

"Just wanted to say how much we LOVE our inflatables.  We tested them in our lobby where they were, of course, an instant hit for school group photos. Our leadership was quite pleased with the durability and the realism."

- Mike Hennessy, Carnegie Science Center

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