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Sports Cages: Interactive Inflatables for Sports

Posted in Custom Inflatable Product Lines

Batter Up! Portable Throw Stations and Other Inflatable Sport Cages Are Always A Hit!

Kids and adults alike love inflatable sport cages. Everybody wants to try their hand at knocking a home-run out of the park, scoring a goal or showing their other athletic abilities. That's why portable soccer goals and batting cages are an excellent draw.

Portable Football Tosses & Throw Stations

Whether you are looking for the classic A-style inflatable football toss or want to turn your product into a mobile throw station inflatable sports tosses help you score points with sports fans! Inflatable football tosses and throw stations are great for entertaining fans at pre and post-game events, attracting attention at tailgating parties and adding excitement to end zone competitions.

Portable Soccer Goals

Because they are lightweight, you wouldn't think portable soccer goals would be strong, but they are! Go ahead, kick it as hard as you can and it will keep on standing.  The shape, size and backdrop of portable soccer goals is perfect for branding and/or advertising messages. Because the line will always lead to your booth, you'll have a captive audience to promote to.

Portable Batting Cages

You supply the bats and balls and we'll supply the fun! These inflatable arched domes inflate once then play all day. Complete with netting strong enough to stop the highest velocity hit from escaping. Portable batting cages can be outfitted with sponsor banners that give an opportunity to make additional revenue.

Inflatable Sports Cage

Want more interactive & creative sports marketing ideas? Visit our inflatable sports cages gallery or watch Ask Landmark Episode 7: Inflatable Sports Cages.



“The inflatable finish arch looked fantastic! Local media was also there filming, so photos and videos of our race were viewed by many with our logo front and center.”

- David Parker, Pacific Road Runners Club

"Landmark worked with us to make sure our client was satisfied with the product. They provided great customer service and got us answers when we needed them."

- April Lo, SKA Events

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