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Eastern Propane Uses Inflatable Product Replica at Community Events

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Eastern Propane's Inflatable Propane Tank at Community Event

Eastern Propane Uses Indoor / Outdoor Inflatable to Get Noticed

Since 1932, Eastern Propane & Oil has served residents and businesses alike. Now, having grown to over 300 employees, it supplies propane and more to five states in and around the Eastern Seaboard.  The secret to their growth?  It's partly due to their community commitment and savvy marketing skills.

That's why Felicia LaBranche, Sales & Marketing Coordinator for Eastern Propane, went on the hunt for an inflatable manufacturer capable of creating a truly custom indoor / outdoor inflatable.  What she experienced was the good, the bad and the ugly of inflatable design.

"Tom [Meacham, President of Landmark Creations] took the time to talk with me about my needs and was knowledgeable and confident enough in his product to be able to provide the information I needed by simply having a conversation. I had already spoken to another vendor before finding [Landmark]. I was not impressed - a call center rep took my info and said they would get back to me with a quote. By the time they did, Tom already had our job in production. The quote they sent was higher, but had it been lower, it wouldn’t have mattered much. My mind was made up after my initial conversation with Tom."

When you have seven locations across five states and you're juggling trade shows, community events and open houses, you've got to have partners that respond quickly to your needs.  What's more, those partners have to be creative enough to develop an indoor / outdoor inflatable of top quality that can stand up to travel and constant use.

That's exactly what Felicia discovered at Landmark. "Tom made my job easy. When handling the marketing for a company of our size, you need to accomplish projects efficiently. When I find a vendor who can help me to do so, that is where I place the greatest value in relationships."

It's all in a day’s work, ma'am.

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"The Adventure Colon is so rewarding for our organization. Everyone that walks through it is just in awe and learn so much when we guide them through it."

- Oneyda Cuevas, Hope Through Grace, Inc.

"I liked the way Tom listened and shared his ideas with me so that I could use the canyon like I needed. Tom hit a home run with my model. His input made all the difference in the world"

- Laurie Henry, Trinity Science Solutions LLC

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