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Ask Landmark: Three Basic Types of Advertising Inflatables

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Cold-air (fan-driven) inflatables are great for outdoor use & mobile displays, thanks to durable fabric. Helium inflatables are awesome for flagging locations, and airtight (sealed) inflatables are perfect as static displays or props. Find out more in this episode of Ask Landmark.

Episode 1: Transcript

Steph: Hi there! Stephanie from Landmark here with our first edition of our video "Ask Landmark", a series where you get to ask all the burning questions you have about custom inflatables. I'm here today with our president, Tom Meacham...

Tom: Hi Everybody!

Steph: and we're going to start off with the most frequently asked question of all; What keeps these things inflated?

Tom: Well, inflatables are broken into three different categories; cold-air inflatables, which have an electric fan that runs continuous while they're being used, helium inflatables, which are typically like a blimp. They have a gas inside of them; they float.  And airtight Inflatables which are point-of-purchase displays, or "beach ball" technology.

Steph: So, when someone calls in, how do you help them decide which inflatable's right?

Tom: Well, after talking with them and learning about their project, we look at cold-air inflatables which will be used outdoors for mobile displays, it's a more durable, woven fabric.

Steph: Which one do you see purchased more often?

Tom: The cold-air inflatable, by far, is the most common, simply because of its durability. Helium balloons are used primarily to locate a facility or retail location, and an airtight balloon is a static display that is usually a product replica.

Steph: Super! Well, stay tuned while we answer your questions every week here at Landmark. If you have a question for us, go to our website at www [dot] landmark creations [dot] com and click on "Ask Landmark".

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