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Event Marketing: Break Through Advertising Overload - Event Planning Marketing with Inflatables Gets Noticed

Posted in Uses for Custom Inflatables

Nivea Inflatable Kiosk at Marketing Event

Break Through Advertising Overload… Event Planning Marketing with Inflatables Gets Noticed

Whether you're marketing or advertising a single event or planning an entire event marketing tour with multiple cities, event marketing inflatables help you break free of advertising overload so your message gets noticed.

Marketing & Advertising Events

When the success of your event depends on the attendance it draws, marketing / advertising the event becomes a vital task.  Getting the word out amid all the other messages people are exposed to can become complicated and expensive.  That's why custom inflatables from Landmark Creations are such an exceptional form of advertising. Event planning must be unique to stand out.  By incorporating inflatables into your plan, potential attendees will be more receptive to your message about:

  • Corporate Parties
  • Festivals
  • Trade Shows
  • Fundraisers
  • Conventions
  • Seminars/Workshops
  • and more

Event Marketing Tours

If you plan on conducting event marketing tours, you'll be glad to know Landmark inflatables are durable enough to travel. They inflate and deflate quickly and pack easily so they can be shipped from location to location.

The Most Popular Inflatables for Tours or Single Events Include:

By capturing the attention of attendees and also garnering some ink from the press, inflatables are always interesting and distinctive.

Cartoon Network Inflatable

Need creative ideas for your next marketing event? Check out our gallery of event marketing inflatables.

"This year’s event was the highest attended in some time, and the [inflatable] astronaut, front and center on our Portico, was a great visible draw from all over the area."

- Dennis Bateman, Carnegie Science Center

“[The inflatable arch] created a wonderful backdrop to brand our events, capture our sponsors in the photos used by the participants, and made it easy to travel down the coast of California without taking up too much space on our trucks.”

- Amy Daugherty, California Coast Classic

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