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Spring Cleaning Your Advertising Inflatables

Posted in Inflatable Care & Maintenance

Spring Cleaning

It's Spring Cleaning Time, Should You Machine or Hand Wash your Inflatables?

Annual maintenance is a must to keep your inflatable working properly and looking its best. For those balloons that are used frequently, more regular cleanings are recommended. Keeping your inflatable clean will not only increase its life by preventing mold, mildew and the general stink factor, but it will do wonders for its appearance as well. We've seen amazing transformations of older, dirty inflatables after professional cleaning, both by hand washing and commercial machines. The question is, when do you clean your inflatable by hand, and when do you have it washed in a commercial machine?

The following are points to consider when making your decision. Commercial machines cannot remove mildew or roof tar; yet they are very effective at removing roof grease, mud and almost any other type of airborne dirt. In addition, inflatables appear at least 50% cleaner with machine washings as opposed to hand washings. Another advantage to machine washing is the ability to clean uniformly. Even the most meticulous hand cleaning job will invariably have spotty, areas where more concentrated cleaning took place. Machine washing, however, tends to be around 1 1/2 times more expensive than hand washing. Also, commercial machines are not recommended for washing inflatables with elaborate artwork. Some artwork has been known to chip, peel or melt in the machine washing process.

While we lean toward machine washing for most inflatables, be sure to consult with a reputable manufacturer to determine if commercial washing is right for your balloon. Normal inflatable cleanings can run between $150-$400 - a very reasonable cost to preserve an investment of thousands.

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