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Proper Care of Sealed Inflatables

Sealed (airtight) inflatables are exceptional promotional tools. Their small size makes them highly portable. Their ease of setup and removal gives you a quick way to draw a crowd on a moment’s notice.

Sealed inflatables do, however, have a few special requirements when it comes to care. Following the instructions below will help ensure you get plenty of use from your sealed inflatables over their lifetime.


For best results you’ll want to inflate your sealed balloons by mouth. Do NOT use an air compressor or high-pressure hose to blow up sealed inflatables as the risk of popping the balloon is too great. You’ll also want to be careful NOT to over-inflate your balloons.

Sealed inflatables are highly sensitive to changes in exterior forces. Fluctuations in air pressure and in temperatures can cause damage to your sealed inflatables if not taken into consideration. For this reason, do not inflate your sealed balloons to full capacity. Smaller wrinkles should be apparent after the inflatable reaches full-size. These wrinkles give ample room for your inflatable to expand and adjust to constantly changing air temperatures and air pressures without experiencing any damage.

To properly and safely inflate sealed balloons with multiple sections: fill the main section with air slowly and apply gentle pressure to allow the air to seep into the smaller sections.

When your inflatable has been filled, pinch the valve at base with your fingers and insert the plug into the valve opening to seal the balloon. Press the closed valve into the inflatable so it lies flat.

You may also opt to cut a piece of material from the repair kit and place it over the closed valve to prevent accidental deflation.


When your event or promotion is over and it is time to deflate your sealed inflatables, simply open the valve and apply gentle pressure until the air has escaped. You’ll then want to fold your inflatable(s) and store them at room temperature for future use.


Preventative maintenance is strongly recommended in order to keep your sealed inflatables at their best. After several uses, or if your inflatables become soiled, you’ll want to clean them using warm, soapy water and a soft cloth. (Hang to dry.)

You should also make a point to keep your sealed inflatables from contact with sharp objects and any type of heated elements.

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